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REPOST: TheShadowBrokers Message#4 - October 2016

theshadowbrokers (60) in shadowbrokers • last year (2017-04-10 at 01:05 AM)

TheShadowBrokers is deciding to leak the Bill Clinton Lorreta Lynch airplane conversation. But first TheShadowBrokers is having other announcement. TheShadowBrokers is being bored with auction so no more auction. Auction off. Auction finish. Auction done. No winners. So who is wanting password? TheShadowBrokers is publicly posting the password when receive 10,000 btc (ten thousand bitcoins). Same bitcoin address, same file, password is crowdfunding. Sharing risk. Sharing reward. Everyone winning. And now TheShadowBrokers is presenting the “Bill Clinton and Lorreta Lynch Arizona Airplane Conversation”. Be enjoying!

“Bill Clinton and Lorreta Lynch Arizona Airplane Conversation”

AGL: “aww hell yeea, see dat plane, dats fucking Bill Clinton, yo dis here bitch is finn ta git her lady box eaten by a fuckin prezident!”

…a loud knock on the plane door…

AGL: “Hoo dat is?”

PrezC: “Lorretta its Bill Clinton, can we talk?”

AGL: “Yo! fuq no ah’m busy!”…trying not to laugh

PrezC: “Lorretta, I think we have some import things to discuss.”

AGL: “Oh, U be thinkin wes neezs ta talk, about wut mutha fucker?”

PrezC: in a low voice…“Hillary said to”

AGL: “Yo what?”

PrezC: “Hillary said to come talk to you or don’t come home”

AGL: uncontrollable laughter…“Well sho ‘nuff, come on in!”

PrezC: “Lorreta you know how Hillary is once she sets her mind to something she won’t let it go.”

AGL: So what tha fuck do dat gotta do wit me?

PrezC: “We’d really appreciate it if you could make it all go away?”

AGL: “mmmhhhmmm, I’m sho you would player, what’s in it fo me?”

PrezC: “How about the first black female supreme court justice?

AGL: “aww hellz no Bill you can’t be rollin up in here ax’in fo’ suttin’ fo’ nothing, I already gots dat shiznit all locked up the fuck up”

AGL: “You buggin, you knows what the fuck I want, I want my motha fuckin pussy eaten by a motha fuckin president”

PrezC: …with fear…“sweet baby jesus, save me”

AGL: “mmmmhhhhmmm its gonna be sweet, get you ass down there white boy and swag me out!”

…70s porn music….

AGL: “Yo! Don’t be tryin to playme neitha, ya ding? Git yo’ grill all up in dat shit, yeeaah”

AGL: “Toss that salad Billy, oh fuck yeaah”

PrezC: “Lorreta your not going to tell anyone are you, this will just be our little secret?

AG: “Oh youz tripping, I can’t fuckin wait to tell Oprah and Michelle!” …hysterical laughter

AG: …as Bill’s walking out sheepishly…“Hey Billy, tell yo wife she eats mo better pussy than U!”

The End!


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