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REPOST: TheShadowBrokers Message#3 - October 2016

theshadowbrokers (60) in shadowbrokers • last year (2017-04-10 at 12:58 AM)

“Hello World!” TheShadowBrokers is sending message #2 weeks ago, but media no make big story? TheShadowBrokers is calling this message, message #3. TheShadowBrokers is realizing peoples is not thinking auction is being real? This is just being typical “I’m the smartest guy” dumbass mentality of talking heads. “If I don’t understand it then it can’t be done and it isn’t real. I’m going to make up a more reasonable sounding but still fantasy story to sound smart and make myself feel better!” TheShadowBrokers EquationGroup Auction is sounding crazy but is being real. Expert peoples is saying Equation Group Firewall Tool Kit worth $1million. TheShadowBrokers is wanting that $1million. TheShadowBrokers is selling Equation Group Warez. TheShadowBrokers Equation Group Auction is being real. If you peoples is being easily confuse, you be stopping here. If you peoples be wanting to know more then keeping reading.

Peoples is having interest in free files. But people is no interest in EQGRP_Auction. TheShadowBrokers is thinking this is information communication problem. You people be thinking as TheShadowBrokers. How you sell secrets? Making most money? Quickly? Least amount effort? Maintaining anonymity? You be making suggestion EQGRP_Auction. TheShadowBrokers is not being interested in fame. TheShadowBrokers is selling to be making money and you peoples is never hearing from TheShadowBrokers again! TheShadowBrokers is being disappointed peoples no seeing novelty of auction solution. Auction is design for to make benefit TheShadowBrokers.

Q: Why not selling on underground?

A: Oh you right, theShadowBrokers is getting out phone book of reputable underground cyber arms dealers and make text and voicemail. You making sound so easy. Why theShadowBrokers not thinking of this?

Q: Why auctioning?

A: If selling million dollar collector art, you selling in garage sale on front lawn? No you sell at rich fuck auction house. TheShadowBrokers is wanting sell for most money. Is thinking auction making most money. Is thinking adversaries and victims of Equation Group make bids. Is thinking security companies and wealthy elites make bids. Is thinking peoples is having more balls, is taking bigger risks for to make advantage over adversaries. Equation Group is pwning you everyday, because you are giant fucking pussies.

Q: Why public?

A: Why not? If you making auction more people hear = more bidders. Are rules for such things?

Q: Why “no refunds”?

A: Convenience. TheShadowBrokers no wanting track and return all bids. Is called All-Pay auction, you look up wikipedia. Authenticity. No refunds = no bidders inflating price or not pay. Good for serious bidders. Bids are cumulative if use return op code. 1 + 10 + 100 = 111

Q: Why no expiration?

A: Holy fucking shit, so many fucking rules with you peoples. What is being benefit time constraint? Anticipate end when reasonable sum raised and bidding stops. TheShadowBrokers will be giving fair warning of end. TheShadowBrokers is wanting quick end too so be making fucking bids.

Q: Why bitcoin?

A: Not first choice for privacy. But mature and most popular. You prefer Monero, where spend it? Ether, fuckers will be rewriting code to take money. Dash? Dickfield pre-mined and control network. If using correctly cash in/out is private.

Q: How will theShadowBrokers cash out large sums?

A: Seriously? Is theShadowBrokers problem. You give large sum bitcoins, then theShadowBrokers is showing you.

Q: Why saying “don’t trust us”?

A: TheShadowBrokers is making comment on trust-less exchanges. TheShadowBrokers is thinking is no thing now as trust-less. “Don’t Trust” is not equal to “Is Scam”. TheShadowBrokers is thinking no way to exchange secrets (auction files) without one party trusting other. If seller trust buyer and buyer no pay, then no more secrets. If buyer trust seller and seller no deliver, the no more sales. TheShadowBrokers is having more things to sell. Reputation is being another benefit of public auction.

Q: Why not use escrow?

A: Now you are wanting add more peoples but same problem. Maybe working for traditional goods. Not working for secrets. If giving to escrow, now no more secret. Auto-Escrow, still trusting what giving to Auto-Escrow.

Q: 1,000,000 BTC or $1,000,000? Dr Evil? 5% of all bitcoin? Are you crazy?

A: Misinformation. Maybe manipulation. Is crazy, yes? Suggest reread theShadowBrokers first message. All is twisting by media to make re-writing for headlines business. TheShadowBrokers never expecting 1,000,000 BTC, this why choose ridiculous sum for consolation prize, third file dump. Three separate concepts. Three different files. #1 = Free File is free. #2 = Auction File is auction. #3 = Consolation Prize file is for loosing bidders if goal reached (goal not reached).

Q: What are you auctioning?

A: You seeing “Firewalls” toolkit, includes remote exploits, privilege escalations, persistence mechanisms, RATs, LPs, and post-exploit collection utilities. Complete package for to run own operations. TheShadowBrokers is having more EquationGroup tool kits for other platforms Windows, Unix/Linux, Routers, Databases, Mobile, Telecom. Newer revisions too. The auction file is toolkit for one of other platforms. Includes remote exploits, local exploits/privilege escalations, persistence mechanisms, RATs, LPs, post-exploit collection utilities. Value estimated in millions of euros/dollars.

Q: Is it a lie, scam, or trick?

A: TheShadowBrokers already be saying about trust. Why theShadowBrokers is pissing off, making big enemies for scam or ripoff? Free file is establishing authenticity.

Q: Too expensive. Why not break up, sell in pieces?

A: Million euro/dollars is nothing in cyber business. Budgets is being in billion. Breaking up is being more troubles for theShadowBrokers. Is make as package, is use as package, is sell as package.

Q: Why files is being old?

A: Really? Exploit is being like good pussy, what difference between 20yr old and 40yr old, if both getting job done? When you giving away shit for free, you giving new shit or old shit? $12 million is being pretty good free shit!

Q: Is legal? Aren’t I buying stolen goods?

A: TheShadowBrokers is not being lawyers. Maybe yes. Maybe no. TheShadowBokers bets no. How is being stolen goods if no one is claiming ownership? Where is proof of ownership? Copyright? License? Source code? Classification marking? Maybe theShadowBrokers is being original owner, but EquationGroup story is sounding better? Can be proving in court? Claiming = Liability.

Q: Won’t the EquationGroup be coming after us?

A: TheShadowBrokers is not being oracles. Maybe yes. Maybe no. TheShadowBrokers bets no. EquationGroup is not being law enforcement. Consider EquationGroup maybe hacking law enforcement. What is EquationGroup telling law enforcement? TheShadowBrokers is recommending best use case is being proof of concept. Maybe using Equation Group Warez for honey-hack, hack and see who shows up. Maybe using EquationGroup tools as distraction for real hack. Maybe making like Chinese, reverse engineer, develop identical looking, and calling it your own. Coming after you? LOL, if you is being somebody then they is already owning you. You make bid on auction and be finding out how.

Q: Will theShadowBrokers do interview?

A: SB is interest in doing interview, but is being risky to theShadowBrokers, so is costing money. Post offers EQGRP_Auction theshadowbrokers.bit

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