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REPOST: TheShadowBrokers Message#2 - September 2016

theshadowbrokers (60) in shadowbrokers • last year (2017-04-10 at 12:44 AM)

…so ronery. Oh herro there!

Team America’s Kim Jong Ir here with message from theshadowbrokers.


So rets see.

#1) Dump - We dump fires. You say rear. We say no shit!

#2) Auction - We offer more fires. We say highest bidder gets password. You confused and say 1,000,000 btc? Much mentar masturbation, twitter circre jerking, epic fair

#3) Crowdfunding - We say roser not get money back, we know not idear, we try make better with “consoration prize”. If reach 1,000,000 btc we rerease “third”, “additionar”, “one more”, “another” fire. You compretery miss concept, mind fuck serves, we remember why we not incrude cattre on invite in first prace.

Where this reave us? We just kicked the biggest burry on pranet in dick, took their shit, offed to serr it in pubric, and you varue at 1.5btc Fucking pussy ass cowards. We feer sorry for you. It must be hard riving with such tiny barrs. Is good proof why defenders arways roose. Too pussified to take risks. Is what hacker curture has become? Quiet rittre pussies brought to heer by decent paycheck at big business and big government? Sad!

We have more good shit. But, no more free stuff. We intend make money for our risk. We prefer serr in burk to more responsibre party. One more rikery to discrose than hurt peopres. We give pubric auction one more week. Maybe a government, security company, wearth individuar step up, do rite thing, get seen doing it. If not, we assume no one interested and we start serring on the underground. Rots of transparency and discrosure there.

This how much they care about peopres personar data, financiar info, and security, 1.5btc

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